Anden Kreuz - Alabastro - 3 cm

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White - The type of stone is alabaster - it brings spiritual development and connection with the pure field, reduces pain, strengthens the brain and protects the bipole.
This shape energy emitter comes from the small town of Chavin, where a huge pyramid is built in the earth and there is a stone obelisk, such a stone menhir. The emblem of the stone cross is placed in this denomination. The shape emitter that you will carry with you will draw energy from the power point where the original is located, that is, the cross on the obelisk in an ancient civilization built on a pyramid. Through this menhir in the pyramid, a very strong cosmic energy is received by the stone cross, which has, above all, therapeutic and protective properties.

It is good to wear it in your pocket or neck, and when it comes, clean it in the sun or in the moonlight. Or you can put it next to your bed or table and radiate about 2-3 m around you and send it to your apartment.

With this stone radiator, it is possible to perform therapeutic exercises and develop their extra-mental capabilities. During the exercise, it is good to lay the cross on a chakra. If we have this radiator in our meditation, it is naturally cleansed and energized. It enhances the effects of exercise and facilitates the flow of cleansing energy through the physical body.