Holzpyramiden - Weiß und Gold

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Pyramids increase energy storage, clean up space.

Put the gold pyramid under the bed so that the top of the pyramid faces the area of your coccyx. One side of the pyramid must point to the north. The pyramid located here helps to develop the ability to crumble, improves sexual life, strengthens sexual organs, defences, bone marrow, cell nuclei.

Put the white pyramid under the bed so that its top points to the area of your head. One side of the pyramid must point to the north. It helps to develop clairvoyant abilities, treatment of the brain and nervous system. The location of the two pyramids simultaneously strengthens the energy flow of the spine; the energy in the body is better flowing, everything in life is getting better, every energy centre is recharged with new energy and cleaned.

These wooden pyramids are full and therefore the purpose for which they were made, their dimensions are sufficient. Pyramids are made by hand.

You can also talk about pyramids in the lecture of Petra Chobota "Diet, Fasting and Natural Emitters" at www.petr-chobot.eu, see Audionahrávky - Přednášky 2012.  .

Dimensions: 11x11x7 cm
Material: wood