Meditation Pyramide 2 m (5 kg)

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The unique pyramid respects the sides and angles as the Great Pyramid in Giza. This ratio is called the Golden Cut, the base angle on the side is less than 52 °. Pyramid can be repeatedly folded and decomposed and can be transferred anywhere.

Base length: 2.35 m
Material: Solid and corrosion-resistant alloy of aluminium and other metals

Many scientists today openly admit that the pyramids are not only energy accumulators but the energy can also be transformed and rerouted. The pyramid, by its action, polarizes the vacuum and concentrates the energy in its centre. For proper function, the pyramid must be aligned as closely as possible with the sides of the world (more precisely - Earth's magnetic poles - compass), north-south, east-west. If the situation permits, we can let the pyramid fully charge and stabilize its field in the Earth's magnetic field for 24 hours (one rotation of Earth).

Pyramid can be used in many ways. The pyramid drains and acts against bacteria and viruses. It increases the vital energy of food, herbs, food supplements, essential oils, etc. It energizes and harmonises water, charges and programs crystals and jewellery. According to the famous patent Mr. Ing. Drbala registered in 1949 grinds blades. It also ionizes the air molecules in the environment and neutralizes electromagnetic smog. It has positive energetic effects on animals and humans, the suspended pyramid can harmonize chakras and auric field of man, purify the blocks in human bipole, and last but not least, to lift consciousness and human vibration. Inside the pyramid, there is a concentration of cosmic energy. The metal pyramidal edges stimulate the formation of ions in the air and force the organism to absorb more oxygen, which contributes to the overall good health. It's up to each person to know how much energy they can take and how they use it. It is ideal for meditation. Meditation inside the pyramid not only interferes with electrosmog and other negative influences but also greatly enhances the effects of meditation and the stay itself inside this pyramid is beneficial to our health.