Big earrings - Moldavite, 3.5 - 3.7 g

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green, transparent mineral with a differently shaped surface. It is not a common stone, but rather of extraterrestrial origin. It can be said that this is a materialized part of an extraterrestrial intelligent craft. It has a different vibration than objects here on Earth. Therefore, it is very convenient to wear it with you. It helps to clean our bipole, transfers our vibration to our bipole, and heals and develops our extra-mental abilities (intuition, deep memory, compassion, understanding of its essence ...). Enhances immunity and removes fatigue.

Moldavite helps to get rid of the tough experiences that are encoded deep within us. It opens our presence and helps us to preserve our life energy, which we often waste on unnecessary things. The gentle vibration of the Moldavite opens up clairvoyant and telepathic abilities. We also recommend meditating to individual chakras or to a place on the body that needs to be strengthened and cleansed. By placing it above the root of the nose - 3rd Eye, it helps to activate this chakra more.

Cleaning Moldavite - it is recommended once a month to wash it with running water and give it a charge by the sun or during a full moon. Or it can be cleaned with smoke from a high-quality smoker, or immersed for several hours in a solution of water and sea salt.

Moldavites can be very well loaded with intent.

The price of Moldavite depends on its weight ....... you can find it on the back of the packaging