Healing meditations

During the healing meditations, participants are lying. PCH was learning the techniques to transfer healing energy from the Andean and Amazonian shamans for at least 18 years, and he was improving this method also during his study visits in the Philippines and in Brazil. Transferring a large amount of concentrated energy able to heal is quite difficult, and that is the reason why PCH began using this type of meditations in their current form publicly only about five years ago. During any healing meditation, a very strong energy field is created around each participant, which penetrates them, pervades their organs and cells. The energy then intensively works in the body and biofield, and it not only cleans, but also rebuilds and restructers the structures, so that one often leaves the meditation as a newborn. Of course, in many cases, it is necessary to repeat this therapy, or the received energy needs more time to rectify everything in the human being. However, there are many cases, when even after only one such healing meditation, there were objectively huge and apparently irreversible positive changes in people´s bodies and lives. The philosophy of healing meditations is simple – EVERYONE has the right to be cured and freed from any suffering and life´s limitations. The energy, which is able to remove REALLY EVERYTHING negative, comes from the highest cosmic source, which is also the absolute consciousness. This energy doesn´t ask about "karma", it is incomparably stronger than the energy of any of our problem. If you allow a person to connect with the clean energy of the source, this energy will wash and restructure them, and they will be allowed to get rid of basically anything that limited and troubled them in their life - even if it was "just" the lack of abundance or an unrealized partnership. Events with healing meditations take usually three hours, but can also take several days.